As general usage purpose, Filter nozzles are frequently recommended as 8″ center onto 6″ centers. (Filter material, single or multi-layer, depth of bed etc.). Filter nozzles are available in various materials, air tubes for air and water and outlet pipes to fit their slot sizes.


Content of Materials

Filter nozzles made of polypropylene are resistant to many chemicals including the following examples.


140 oF / 60 oC degrees           Ammonia        %10     Formaldehydre isopropanol all concentrations %10

Methanol        %50                Caustic soda   %50     Hydrochloric Acid % 10

Sulfuric Acid %10

Ozone (68 oF / 20 oC degrees, 50 pphm)


In addition to pure polypropylene (Max. temperature 40 oF), all filter nozzles can be made of polypropylene (Max. temperature 230 oF) and kynar (Max. temperature 275 oF) which are reinforced by glass fiber. Other materials available are Stainless Steel, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy.


Design Specifications

Recommended Torque           4.0 ft. Ibs

Max. RPM                             430


In lower temperatures, polypropylene becomes more brittle. If you install nozzles in cold weather conditions, heating all polypropylene material in advance is recommended.


When using with hot water (Max. temperature 230 oF / 110 oC degrees), mixing polypropylene with %30 glass fiber chemically is recommended.

PVDF is recommended for hot water with a continuous temperature up to 275 oF / 135 oC.) Concentrate is resistant to caustic solutions.


Color Coded Polypropylene Nozzles


Slot Size                     Color                          Slot Size                     Color

0.2                              Ivory                           0.3                              Green

0.35                            White                          0.5                              Grey

0.7                              Yellow                        0.8                              Blue

1.0                              Black                          1.5                              Orange

2.0                              Green                          All specifications are subject to change without notice