Nozzle head lacerations, filter material value. The total area of the nozzle the nozzle head yarıklarının must be greater than the transition area on your neck.

Washing with Air

Differential pressure nozzle with air during backwash, is much lower than in water washing. Under the base of the air inlet nozzle and the air bag after formation of the water into the filter material through a nozzle is pushed upward. Wherein the speed of the supplied air is the same. Air bag, is formed from top to bottom. Air is distributed evenly over the entire nozzle plate.

The neck of the nozzle has a great significance. This portion of the wash water supplied during the upward provides an even distribution. At the same time wash with air at the beginning of the airbag is of great importance in the creation and preservation. Filter nozzles are manufactured from PP material.

Washing with Water

After the closure of the last remaining air bubbles ventilation, air expenditures and operating air rises up through the holes. The washing water is sent, would push the air easier. Concrete nozzle slot in the last air, air goes upward away from the hole. Wash water filter material extends upward. Between the last air filter material is removed. Particles that have been filtered by the filter to be thrown towards the top layer of the filter is increased. The particles move around the nozzle head, cleft protect against clogging.

Nozzle Head

The total area is large, the nozzle head cavities cleaning material (air or water) output speed. Cleaned — in the case of data storage devices, cleaned — shrinking will occur. Thanks to a cleaning fluid during washing the granules will be serialized.

Nozzle Neck

Hydraulic angle nozzle to nozzle neck washing process is bigger than her head. Fulfill the functions specified below the neck of the nozzle:

  • Improving the distribution of water is equal to a certain resistance, creating a wash
  • The creation of a balanced air bed
  • Washing of equal distribution.
  • After washing the air bag with quick-draining air