Bioball is a biological and mechanic filter made of plastic material separating and straining water molecules and includes aerobic nitrification with its surface while water passes through the canals. It is a biological filter equipment.

* With its holes and canals, the plastic material in ball shape is widened for surface field aerobic bacteria formation.

* This helps water passing upon bioballs to be richened with oxygen and aerobic bacteria formation becomes faster.

* It provides surface filed for bacteria needed for ammonia – nitrate – nitrate formation

* Erosion in inner surfaces blows up and helps the biological aim.

* Consider that the material choice is really important. The bioballs made of recycled material with light excuse, It can include disposes and lead to negative things with time. For this reason metallic color is used for stabilization of plastic. Besides, with inorganic materials used, biological interaction is increased.

* According to surface comparison in 1 liter bioball, It has more than %30 area and since it has more effective area than its counterparts its field must be multiplied by 2.